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Do you wish to Own A Car & Choosing the Right Car? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WE ARE READY FOR YOUR QUOTATIONS and ENQUIRIES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1)High price for interested seller of Taxies and Private Vehicles ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2)Buying & Selling of Taxies/Private Vehicles (Trading Service provided) or Transfer of Ownership Service ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3)License Plate Numbers Trading Services provided (Buying & Selling) or Transfer of Ownership Service ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4)Detention of Car license during Transfer of Car Ownship ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5)MOTOR CAR HIRE PURCHASE & TAXIES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6)Custodianship of Taxies Service provided ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7)Advertisement on Taxies Service provided ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8)Reparing of Motor Vehicles and Taxies Service Provided ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9)Insurance and Advisory Services provided for Taxies and Private Vehicles & Any Kind of Insurance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATED FOR THE YEAR 2014-2015

Do you wish to discard your motor vehicle? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We can take care of your old motor vehicle/ Free of Charge in taking over your old cars (Disposable Cars/ Second-Hand Cars) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATED FOR THE YEAR 2014-2015



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